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RFP Preparation Service for Non-Profit and Government Organizations

  • Request for Proposal or RFP is a tool used by the non-profit sector and government to buy various goods and services. Potential suppliers use this procedure to offer a wide range of products and services. It helps them tell about their organizations and why their services are different from those offered by their competitors in the industry. Potential suppliers use this procedure to offer a wide range of products, services and solutions and compete with each other to acquire a business.

    Why RFP is Important?

    RFP documents underline the blueprint for a purchase and the basis for the selection of vendors or service providers. This is extremely important, considering the common lack of effective definition processes in many organizations. RFP is important to avert overshooting of budget, missed projects and implementation deadlines. Most organizations, unfortunately, tend to overlook or spend little time in this phase due to the notion that it will be time-consuming or serve little purpose for vendors. However, RFP results in improved selection and project completion within a stipulated time. It assists in vendor-selection process and prioritizes the essential requirements of any organization.

    Our RFP Preparation Services

    If you are considering of issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a purchase, we can help you prepare RFP documents. Our RFP preparation services are custom made to satisfy the needs of each client. These may include a few or all of the following:

    Defining the needs and scope of work of clients

    • Identifying appropriate products and services through proper research.
    • Developing criteria for scoring and evaluating the proposals.
    • Identification and pre-qualification of various products, vendors and service providers.
    • Coordinating interviews and vendor demonstrations.
    • Preparing detailed technical specifications, which can be custom made or performance based, for various products and services.
    • Preparing administrative requirements for the project, including requirements for scheduling, project management, safety, and quality control.

    What Sets Our Services Apart?

    We start by conducting a detailed review of client services, desired objectives and challenges to prepare a professional RFP that can be submitted to pre-qualified vendors. The responses to all RFPs are reviewed, summarized and submitted to clients. We also provide clients with our expert suggestions to help them find the most appropriate solution.

    • Our services are set apart from those of our competitors on various aspects:
    • We give you professionally written RFPs, which are compliant with all industry standards.
    • We use simple terms and language that are specific for client purpose but recognizable.
    • Our skilled writers give you finished documents based on their experience and lessons gathered from many similar projects.
    • Our support staff is always available to provide you with assistance regarding the technical aspects of your project, right from the start to the finish.
    • Professional RFPs and their responses can be very time consuming and expensive to prepare. We pride in our timely services and our rates are the most competitive in the industry. You can rest assured that you will not pay more than is needed for your particular project.

    Why Choose Our Services?

    Unprofessional RFPs can result in purchasing failure or the selection of suppliers who may be unqualified. This can mean loss of time and money on your part. Our RFP preparation and evaluation services enable you to make optimal procurement decisions on the basis of objectives, thorough research and timely information. Contact us today to avail our professional RFP development services now.

    We treat the management of the RFP process quite differently. To start with, we prepare the RFP documents that describe the purchase and selection criteria to the vendors or service providers. The quality of an RFP document is highly important for the success of a project management, as it clearly delineates the products that are required. We collaborate with clients to know about their requirements and prepare the final documents in professional yet simple language that is easy to understand.

    The prepared RFP is released as soon as possible to attract as many responses as possible from potential service providers within the scheduled time. This also allows enough time to companies to put together proposals. We allow enough time to publicize your RFPs and provide potential bidders with information about your proposals. The amount of time ensures that we get a vast pool of bidders to choose from and select the ones that are most appropriate for you, as regards cost and other criteria. We also have huge numbers or providers registered with us, and we will notify them about your requirements.

    Vendor Selection Assistance - Optional Service

    A meeting session is held where our sales people, legal experts and risk managers review and guide the incoming proposals. We scan through the clutter of proposals, select the appropriate applications and vendors and negotiate hard on your behalf. We manage the complete vendor selection process for you and give you your money’s worth. Concerned members of your organization are invited to monitor the entire process, to allow you a glimpse into our transparency. However, if you wish to manage the selection procedure your own, you are welcome to do so. Vendor Selection Assistance is a kind of optional services we are providing.

    Our loyalty lies with you, the client, and we manage all the steps to ensure that we enjoy a lasting business relationship with you.

    Contact us today to avail our professional RFP development services now.